Gaming CMS for Multigaming Orgs

Dedicated to Multigaming Communities, Fansites or Clansites

Gaming CMS for Multigaming Orgs

Our CMS Gaming is already present in dozens of eSports Multigaming Orgs, Clansites and Fansites.
Through a template with dozens of modules and a gaming design is possible to meet the needs of the Communities, serving both modest and international ones.

Standard Pack:

Gaming Portal simple management for teams
Life Support we help whenever you need
Forum (optional) integration with portal
Price with Standard Design: 60
Price with Exclusive Design: 110


Store online sell integrated with portal
Tournaments competitions integrated with portal

Domain and Hosting:

Price: 35 (annual)

Portfolio multigaming orgs:

Seyfert - eSports Multigaming
Electronik Generation - eSports Multigaming
Team Kingz - Starcraft 2 clansite
War Machines - eSports
PTRevolution - eSports
Murderer Beast - Multigaming

Portfolio gaming portals:

Gameover MMO - mmo free-to-play games
PTRealms - mmo games portal
BoaCompra Jogos - mmo free blog
Guild Wars 2 PT - portuguese fansite

Request service:

If you want a clansite or a multi gaming community please use the contact page. Thanks